The weeks of preparation leading up to a baseball team’s opening day is very important.  CURVEBALL is the story of one little league baseball team’s journey to get ready for their opening day.  However, this team is not your average little league team.  This team is located in a small town outside Philadelphia - and these Phillies are made up of mentally and physically disabled kids who have big challenges ... and bigger hearts. With a unique coach and supportive families these kids prepare for a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.

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A word about the film, from Bryan...

Have you ever seen or heard about something that moved you so much that you said, "someone should make a documentary about this!" ?  Well, that's exactly what happened with curveball.  I was home in Philadelphia for a visit, taking a break from Los Angeles.  While there, I was very excited to hear that my nine year old nephew, Jakob, who is awesome, has a heart of gold and also has autism, had just signed up for his first Little League baseball season! More excited than the kids on the team, who all have some sort of mental or physical challenge or both, my older brother and I took the infield.  While we were waiting to field some line drives, I suddenly found myself fighting back tears as I watched this talented coach teach these challenged kids how to stand at the plate and bat.  Finally, it was Jakob's turn.  When I saw him standing at the plate trying so hard to concentrate, I leaned over to my brother Ian and said, "Man, someone should make a documentary about this".

Later that day, a good friend, Brent Hankins, came to visit from New York.  A fellow actor/filmmaker, he happened to have his video camera with him to show me something he was working on.  I shared my thoughts about the documentary idea with him and my frustration that all my equipment was on the west coast.  He told me he thought it was a great idea and that I needed to do it.  Then he gave me his camera and told me to keep it for as long as it took.  For more information about Brent go to:

So for the next three weeks, I ran around like a lunatic, begged, borrowed and borrowed.  And along the way, I was lucky enough to get to know these great families in this very tight community, who taught me what it means to overcome real challenges with love, laughter and hard work.  Then after months of searching for an editor, I met Reid Green.  He loved the project and worked for a fraction of his usual fee.   We edited for several more months and the result is the feature documentary, curveball.  For more information about Reid go to:

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